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Matt Oakes — Mobile & React Native App Developer in Brighton & London
Matt Oakes a mobile app developer in Brighton who helps companies with their mobile strategy and develops Android, iOS & React Native apps.
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  • Expiration date: 2018/05/30
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  • Registration date: 2016/05/30

Vector - Matrix-powered open source collaboration for teams
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  • Expiration date: 2021/06/27
ribot — A digital design studio for mobile, tablet, TV and beyond…
ribot are a digital user experience design and development studio that create magical digital experiences for everyday people.
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  • Expiration date: 2024/01/29
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cognitive lode by ribot – Simple advice on product psychology
We distill the latest research in behavioural economics & consumer psychology down into easy-to-understand little brain gems for decision-makers to use and share.
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  • Expiration date: 2018/02/25
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  • Registration date: 2014/02/25
Digital Hub City- Best web design company in India
Digital Hub City is a creative web agency specializing in serving businesses in Web design, Ecommerce, SEO, Apps development, and Social media management.
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  • Expiration date: 2018/10/18
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  • Registration date: 2015/10/18
꿈꾸는 개발자의 로그
구글 I/O 2017 안드로이드 키노트 정리를 해보겠습니다. 안드로이드 O부분도 있지만, 지금 바로 사용가능한 서포트 라이브러리에 대한 소식도 많습니다. 16비트 PNG파일을 지원합니다. 새로운 유틸 클래스를 이용하면 16비트의 PNG파일을 사용 할 수 있습니다. 24비트 vs
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