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Deaf Websites .com
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Oregon Association of the Deaf | Promote, protect, and preserve the civil rights; advocate to enhance the quality of life for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Oregonians
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  • Registration date: 2013/07/04
National Association of the Deaf - NAD
  • Expiration date: 2021/10/02
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  • Registration date: 1996/10/03
The Described and Captioned Media Program
The Described and Captioned Media Program is a free-loan library of accessible educational media for use by teachers and family member of K-12 students with a vision or hearing loss. This U.S. Department of Education-funded program also serves as a clearinghouse of accessibility information and training resources as well as a gateway to accessibility information from partnering organizations.
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  • Registration date: 2006/05/25
Creations By Elder | Stained / Leaded / Art Glass services for Arkansas , Oklahoma and beyond.
  • Expiration date: 2018/01/10
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  • Registration date: 2014/01/10
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  • Registration date: 2009/11/12
Psychology CE | Psychology Continuing Education - BehavioralHealthCE
BehavioralHealthCE offers online continuing education for psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.
  • Expiration date: 2024/02/24
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  • Registration date: 2009/02/24
Montana Association of the Deaf – MAD
    Memphis Deaf Community
      Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center, Inc.
      Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center, Inc. (DHHSC) is a private, non-profit social service agency that serves individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf
      • Expiration date: 2023/08/24
      • Record last updated: 2015/11/21
      • Registration date: 2000/08/24
      Надвірнянська СВОБОДА
      Сайт Українських Націоналістів - всеукраїнське об'єднання Свобода.
      • Expiration date: 2018/05/28
      • Registration date: 2015/05/28
      Alabama School for the Deaf |
      • Expiration date: 2022/08/11
      • Record last updated: 2015/12/19
      • Registration date: 2010/08/11
      Home - NJ Deaf News
      LATEST NEWS The Daily Moth – January 9, 2018 Jan 10, 2018 Read More → Winner of Dancing with the Stars Nyle DiMarco to speak about access, Marc
      • Expiration date: 2018/05/05
      • Record last updated: 2015/05/05
      • Registration date: 2015/05/05
      Sign Language Interpreters • Sign Language Interpreting • Los Angeles
      Professional and qualified sign language interpreters, consultants, and tutors in Los Angeles and nationwide
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      • Expiration date: 2019/06/18
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      • Registration date: 2004/06/18
      • Expiration date: 2021/05/31
      • Registration date: 1997/12/16
      DCMP Captioning Key
      • Expiration date: 2021/10/29
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      • Registration date: 2008/10/29
      Dollar a Day
      A little more than a year ago, we launched Dollar a Day to help people discover and support amazing nonprofits. It was a fun project, it's been a great year, and — although we're now wrapping things up — we still hope that others will be able to learn from our experiment and, maybe, even be able to carry it on by building something similar. To help, we'll be sharing some of our challenges and triumphs from the past thirteen months, as well as open-sourcing our site code. That way, anybody who feels inspired can get going quickly on building their own version of Dollar a Day!
      • Expiration date: 2018/01/22
      • Record last updated: 2015/08/26
      • Registration date: 2013/01/22
      Deaf YouVideo
      Deaf YouVideo provided by Google are a way for websites large and small to distribute their content as well beyond just visitors using browsers.
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      Translation Services NYC : Professional Translation Services - MEJ Personal Business Service Inc - New York
      MEJ Translation Services NYC offers access to the best Professional Translation Agency in New York ,Interpreting Services for LEP, Deaf 170 language for quote call 212-426-6017
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