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Valves & Fittings of Houston, Inc.
Valves & Fittings of Houston, Inc. is a wholesale organization servicing suppliers in the Oilfield & Petrochemical markets. We carry only the highest quality products from the most reputable manufacturers, with inventory on shelf for all emergency needs. Valves and Fittings has been delivering exceptional service and superior products since 1976.
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Home | Dwyer Instruments
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Valves and Fittings | Leading Valves Manufacturer in India | Pipe Fittings in India | Tube Fittings Manufacturer
Hp Lock Established in 2000 by Mr. S.Harichandran, manufactures of Valves & Fittings,Ball valves manufacturer,Check valves,Sealant fittings, Condensate pot, air header .
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Deltrol Fluid Products
Deltrol Fluid Products designs & manufactures in-line accessory hydraulic and pneumatic flow, needle, and check valves.
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FluiDyneFP Fluid Power Pumps and Products
Here at FluidyneFP we take great pride in everything we do. This includes our people, our products and our services. With a large variety of products including new and rebuilt pumps, motors, valves and filters we are confident that we will have exactly what you are looking for. Names such as Veljan, Western Filter, Fluidyne brands and FluiDyne Filter gear pumps are names you can trust.
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Tube Fittings, Pipe Fitting, bleed and purge valves Manufacturer
Sealexcel has 20+ years of experience in instrument field such as pipe fittings, needle valves, valves and fittings Tube fittings manufacturers and supply
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Buy stainless steel ball valves online here, plus needle valves,check valves, Y-strainers
Online supplier of high quality valves at factory direct pricing for the oil, gas, plumbing, waterworks, and industrial markets. OEM our specialty.
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Home | Tube Fittings,Ferrule Fittings,Needle Valves, Manifold Valves, Flanges, Pipe Fittings
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DLA Engine Parts - EN - Home page
AV-Buffers, Handlebars, Stop Switches, Carburetors, Chain Sprockets, Clutches, Needle Bearings, Crankshaft, Crank Bearings, Oil Seals, Cylinder Kits, Decompression Valves, Gaskets, Manifolds, Piston Kits, Air Filters, Fuel Caps, Oil Caps, Mufflers, Oil Pumps, Rewind Springs, Rewind Starters & Covers, Starter Pulleys, Worm Gears, ALPINA, BRIGGS & STRATTON, DOLMAR, ECHO, EFCO, HUSQVARNA, JLO, JOHN DEERE, JONSERED, KAWASAKI, MAKITA, McCULLOCH, MITSUBISHI, OLEO-MAC, PARTNER, POULAN, ROBIN-WISCONSIN, SHINDAIWA, SOLO, STIHL, ZENOAH-KOMATSU
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Welcome To Everyvalve Ltd:.
Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Relief, Needle,Penstock, Knife, Reducing, Sustaining, Solenoid, Actuated - Pneumatic & Electric versions, Industries Valve sizes are from 3mm to 1000mm, Steel, SS, Brass, Gunmetal, Cast Iron ,PVC, PP, ABS, HDPE & PVDF for the plastics side, Submersible, Centrifugal, Drum & Hand type in SS, Hose Fittings, Pipe fittings, BD,, KRAFT & TEFEN are IRRITEC, ASV, Import, comer, Export.
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Valves and Fittings - FITOK
At FITOK Group,we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our design, manufacture and testing processes for all of our products to exceed all industry standards.
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Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of Instrumentation Tube Fittings, High Pressure Pipe Fittings
Instrumentation Tube Fittings, Male Connector, RP Type Male Connector, Bulk Head Male Connector, Male Elbow, 45? Male Elbow, Male Branch Tee, Male Run Tee, Female Connector, Bulk Head Female Connector, Female Elbow, Female Run Tee, Female Branch Tee, Union, Reducer Union, Bulk Head Union, Union Elbow, Union Tee, Union Cross, Reducer, Bulk Head Reducer, Port Connector, Reducer Port Connector, Male Adapter, Female Adapter, Cap TC, Plug Port Ends, Tube Socket Weld Union, Male Pipe Weld Connector, Tube Socket Weld Elbow, Male Pipe Weld Elbow, Integral Flange Connector ANSI, Back Ferrule, Front Ferrule, Nut, Precision Pipe Fittings, Close Nipple, Hex Nipple, Hex Reducing Nipple, Hex Long Nipple, Adapter, Reducing Adapter, Reducing Bushing, Hex Coupling, Hex Reducing Coupling, Elbow Female, Elbow Street, Elbow Reducing Street, Male Elbow, 45? Elbow Female, 45? Elbow Street, Tee Female, Tee Street, Tee Branch, Tee Male, Cross Female, Union Ball Joint, Hex Female Cap, Hex Male Plug, Allen Plug, Hex SAE Plug, Allen SAE Plug, SAE Adapter, Hex Pipe Plug, Gauge Adapter, Male Connector, Union Cross, Female Connector, Female Elbow, Union, Union Elbow, Union Tee, Needle Valves, Needle Valve Female x Female, Needle Valve Female x Female HP, Hex Needle Valve Female x Female, Needle Valve Male x Female, Hex Needle Valve Male x Female, Hex Needle Valve Vent, Needle Valve Male x Male, Needle Valve OD, Angle Needle Valve, Multiport Gauge Valve, Block Gauge Valve, Bleed Gauge Valve, 2 Way Manifold Valves, Manifold Valve R 2 Way 01, Manifold Valve R 2 Way 02, Manifold Valve R 2 Way 03, Manifold Valve R 2 Way 04, Manifold Valve R 2 Way 05, Manifold Valve R 2 Way 06, Manifold Valve T 2 Way, 3 Way Manifold Valves, Manifold Valve R 3 Way 01, Manifold Valve R 3 Way 02, Manifold Valve R 3 Way, Manifold Valve H 3 Way, 5 Way Manifold Valves, Manifold Valve R 5 Way 01, Manifold Valve R 5 Way 02, Manifold Valve R 5 Way 03, Manifold Valve T 5 Way 02, Manifold Valve H 5 Way 02, Ball Valves, Ball Valve 2 PC, Ball Valve 2 PC HP, Pipe Clamps, Quick Release Coupling, Forged Steel Valves, Condensate Pots, Instrument Air Header, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Filter Regulators, solenoid valves, Quick Exhaust Valves, Flowline Pilots - Welcome to Bifold Ltd.
Filter Regulators, solenoid valves, Quick Exhaust Valves, Flowline Pilots - Welcome to Bifold Ltd.
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DLA Engine Parts - GR - Home page
AV-Buffers, Handlebars, Stop Switches, Carburetors, Chain Sprockets, Clutches, Needle Bearings, Crankshaft, Crank Bearings, Oil Seals, Cylinder Kits, Decompression Valves, Gaskets, Manifolds, Piston Kits, Air Filters, Fuel Caps, Oil Caps, Mufflers, Oil Pumps, Rewind Springs, Rewind Starters & Covers, Starter Pulleys, Worm Gears, ALPINA, BRIGGS & STRATTON, DOLMAR, ECHO, EFCO, HUSQVARNA, JLO, JOHN DEERE, JONSERED, KAWASAKI, MAKITA, McCULLOCH, MITSUBISHI, OLEO-MAC, PARTNER, POULAN, ROBIN-WISCONSIN, SHINDAIWA, SOLO, STIHL, ZENOAH-KOMATSU
    Gulf Coast Region Hydraulic, Pneumatic Hose & Fittings Specialist I 10 PSI - 150,000 PSI I Complete Parker Line Distributor I Autoclave I Land Rig & OffShore I Hydraulic Cylinders I Fluid Connectors
    Houston Tx, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Hose and Fittings Specialist serving Oil & Gas,Petro-Chem,Subsea,Water Blasting,General Manufacturing,Heavy Machinery/Equipment,Water Jet Cutting,Refuse Industry,Transportation and Mining
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    Home | HP Valves
    High pressure valves. HP Valves' can offer a wide range of high pressure valves for power generation and petrochemical industries. HP Valves focuses on the design, manufacture and sale of medium and high pressure, forged steel gate, globe, check, needle and double block & bleed valves, as well as strainers, blow-down and stop-check valves. Using our wide experience in power generation and petrochemical industries, we are able to offer a competitive and high-quality valve package with all the advantages that you might expect from a modern, fully equipped manufacturer.
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    Manifold Valve, Needle Valves, 2-3-5 Way Manifolds Valve, Ball Valve India
    Payal Engineering is Specialized in Manufacturer of Valves like Ball, Instrumentation, Needle, Manifold, Instrument Tube & Pipe Fittings, Non Return Valves
    • Google Plus: +Payalengineering
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    N.M. Knight Company, Inc.
    N.M. Knight Co., Inc. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial gas burners, machinery, and combustion related equipment to the glass, lighting, quartz, tube cutting and fiber optic industries.
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    SPIR STAR - SAMI - The Complete Source for All of Your High-Pressure Needs
    SPIR STAR, the industry leader in high pressure hose and fittings with working pressures up to 46,000 p.s.i., is now the Exclusive Distributor for SAMI Instruments High Pressure Valves. SAMI Instruments high pressure valves is a quality, field-tested and trusted product line, which consists of NPT, Medium Pressure and High Pressure needle valves, ball valves and check valves.
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    MD Valves | Taiwan | Fire Safe Ball Valve | Flanged Ball Valve | Industrial Valve Search Engine | Modentic Group
    A Modentic group service website, provides industrial valve search engine for API 607 fire safe, flanged, multi-port, sanitary, trunnion mounted, ISO5211, v-flow Ball valves, API 600, API 602, API 603, Gate valves, Globe valves, Check valves; Needle Valves, Strainers
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    Adhesive Dispensing Ltd - fluid dispensers & liquid applicators
    Adhesive dispensing systems for epoxies, glues, sealants, pastes from syringe guns, timed dispensers, glue valves, syringe barrel components, cartridges, nozzles to XYZ robots
    • Record last updated: 2017/05/01
    AVFI - Valve Solutions For Water & Waste Water
    AVFI Pty Ltd (Previously Valve & Filtration industry) is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of a vast range of valves for water and waste water industries, located in melbourne australia. Our key product catalogue consists of Gate valves, Knife Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Air Valves, Pilot Control Valves, Control Valves, Spring Hydrant Valves, Plug Valves, Strainers Y Type, Globe Valves, Needle Valves, Actuation, Vibration Eliminators, Diaphram Valves, Solenoid Valves, Water Meters and Extensions.
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    Process Systems - Manufacturers & wholesalers of process control equipment
    Manufacturer and distributor of high quality valves. Range includes ball, butterfly, check, pinch, knife gate, gate, angle seat, needle, globe & much more.
    • Google Plus: +ProcessSystemsTingalpa
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    AGF Burner, Inc. Industrial Burners Since 1878
    Industrial burners, ribbon burners, fishtail burners for plastics and glass. Brazing tips, air-gas venturi mixers, and furnace burners for heat treating. Flame testing equipment, Blowpipes, and Flame Safety Equipment.
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    Home - Repute Engineering Works
    Manufacturer of Needle Valve, Manifold Valves & Ball & Check Valves offered by Repute Engineering Works from Thane, Maharashtra, India.
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    The Parker Stores of The Hope Group provide Parker hydraulic hose assemblies while you wait plus thousands of in stock Parker hydraulic hose, valves, fittings.
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    Mfg of Relief Valves, Check Valves, Needle Valves, Pressure Regulators and Cryogenic Products
    Designers and Manufactures of Pressure and Flow Control Devices for Liquids and Gasses. Generant’s product include, check, relief, master, needle, metering, safety relief, thermal relief, and cryogenic relief valves, cryogenic check valves, pressure regulators, cryogenic liquid cylinder accessories, poppet check valves, and gas delivery regulators.
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    호원,HSME,협신금속,유체시스템,SUS TUBE,Valve,Fitting,Vacuum Flange,KF,NW,ISO,MF,진공배관부품
    레귤레이터,배관자재,볼밸브,고압호스,밸브,후렉시블호스,REGULATOR,벨로우즈,VACUUM,가스조정기,락피팅,후렉시블,에어레귤레이터,FITTING,KITZ,플렉시블호스,체크밸브,진공부품,게이트밸브,배관부속품,BELLOWS,가스레귤레이터,질소레귤레이터,유니락,튜브피팅,릴리프밸브,플렉시블,스텐배관자재,벨로즈,FLANGE,NW50,반도체밸브,가스압력조절기,TUBEBENDER,밸브제조,채크밸브,HE가스,무선모니터링,플렉스블,유니온티,GASLINE,APTUBE,스테인레스밸브,레귤레이터가격,릴리브밸브,이산화탄소레귤레이터,KF40,이산화탄소가스,CO2GAS,배관연결소켓,AIRGAS,디케이록,가스볼밸브,키쯔,유니온밸브앤드피팅,스텐코일튜브,볼밸브가격,일산화탄소가스,주식회사큐록,메탄가스,나비볼벨브,유니온엘보우,SUSVALVE,CH4가스,스텐레스볼밸브,배관연결구,PTFEHOSE,국산볼밸브,고압용밸브,역압력조절기,삼방볼벨브,HEGAS,VACUUMFLANGE,SUS볼밸브,SUSBALLVALVE,고압용레귤레이터,웨이퍼밸브,VACUUMFITTING,무선모니터링시스템,진공배관,SUSTUBE,스웨질락,배관자재종류,VALVE,질소가스,볼벨브,슈퍼락,니들밸브,밸브종류,다이아프램밸브,DKLOK,가스통거치대,메탈호스,유니온규격,산소레귤레이터,HYLOK,FLEXIBLEHOSE,밸브회사,HARRIS,레규레이터,HY-LOK,공압부품,벨브,가스압력조정기,BALLVALVE,진공벨로우즈,UNILOK,압력조정기,압력조절기,SUSTUBE규격,DK-LOK,NW40,NWFLANGE,NW,튜브커터,CO2레귤레이터,후랙시블,다이아후렘밸브,서스튜브,진공플랜지,유니락피팅,S-LOK,가스배관자재,벨로우즈밸브,스텐레스튜브,유니온락,FLEXIBLE,고압볼밸브,배관자재규격,SUS튜브,산업용가스,KITZSCT,KITZVALVE,피팅류,배관피팅,NW25,배관부품,키츠밸브,가스케비넷,TUBEFITTING,SUSFITTING,NW16,튜브밴더,Q-LOK,DIAPHRAGMVALVE,배관자재가격,수소레귤레이터,NW플랜지,키츠,EPTUBE,VCRFITTING,진공배관부품,유체시스템,디케이락,큐록,가스피팅,FLANGEADAPTER,호원유체,호원피팅,하이록,BLANKFLANGE,스텐튜브,가스캐비넷,CHECKVALVE,GASCABINET,LOKFITTING,후렉시블튜브,KFFLANGE,밸브피팅,BATUBE,RELIEFVALVE,고압레귤레이터,다이아후램밸브,튜브벤더,비엠티,CENTERING,특수가스,밸로우즈,호원밸브,SUSCUTTER,체크벨브,튜브홀더,배관연결,BACKPRESSUREREGULATOR,KF25,FLEXIBLETUBE,삼방밸브,혼합가스,알곤레귤레이터,튜브브라켓,CO2가스,STAINLESSSTEELTUBE,압력밸브,심레스튜브,다이아프레임밸브,유니록,SUS밸브,진공피팅,아르곤가스,GATEVALVE,아세틸렌가스,볼밸브종류,N2GAS,ARGAS,배관FITTING,산업가스,C-CLAMP,ROLLTUBE,서스커터,압력릴리프밸브,KF플랜지,슈퍼록,액화질소가스,쓰리피스볼밸브,과압방지용밸브,TUBEBRACKET,유니온종류,대전호원,KF후렌지,SD4MS-VC-EP,진공용플랜지,VLD8CS-VC-EP,KD4MS-VC-EP,진공FLANGE,METALFLEXIBLEHOSE,진공밸로우즈,하이락,동커터,TUBECUTTER,TUBEHOLDER,MICROELBOW,프로판가스,배관연결자재,KF16,SUPERLOK,BACKPRESSURE,수소가스,N2가스,PRESSUREREGULATOR,NEEDLEVALVE,피팅밸브,배관밸브,볼밸브규격,반도체가스,KITZ밸브,압력레귤레이터,유량조절밸브,에틸렌가스,UNI-LOK,롤튜브,GASREGULATOR,COGAS,백프레셔레귤레이터,Tube Fitting,VCR Fitting, Weld Fitting,304 stainless steel tube,316 stainless steel pipe,valve, ball valve, needle valve, check valve, valve, filter, ultra high purity diaphragm valve, ultra pure corrugated pipe valve, flexible hose, PTFE bellows, 316L stainless steel corrugated hose, vacuum hose, equipment cooling water with a rubber hose, vacuum flange, KF flanges, NW flanges, ISO flange, flange of the MF CF flange,The cylinder, connector,JIS connector,CGA connector,DISSCGA connector,316L stainless steel bellows,304 stainless steel corrugated pipe, metal corrugated pipe, corrugated pipe, corrugated pipe price, flexible hose, metal hose, stainless steel hose, stainless steel corrugated pipe, corrugated metal hose, corrugated stainless steel braided hose, 316L hose, cooling water rubber hose vacuum, chemicals, metal hose, corrugated pipe, cooling water hose, metal hose, 316L hose of stainless steel, 316L stainless steel metal hose, hose and flexible tube, braided hose polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Tie Fulong stainless steel braided hose, PTFE braided hose, high pressure wire braided hose, PTFE braided tube, acid and alkali hose, PTFE hose, Tie Fulong (PTFE) - stainless steel wire braided hose braided tube, Kitz SCT, Japan KITZ SCT diaphragm valve, diaphragm valve diaphragm _kitzsct Japan Japan KITZ SCT valve _ _ diaphragm valve diaphragm valve KD diaphragm valve, diaphragm valve KCD, VLD, SD/WD, RD diaphragm valve, diaphragm valve, MONO BLOCK VALVES, the high pressure diaphragm valve, semiconductor valves, KITZSCT valves supply information, vacuum tube diaphragm seal valve, Swagelok ultra high purity ultra high purity Teflon valve, diaphragm valve Swagelok the Swagelok ultra high purity Teflon diaphragm valve, Swagelok low vacuum valves, vacuum valves Swagelok, Swagelok high vacuum valve, Swagelok pneumatic diaphragm valve, diaphragm valve Swagelok Swagelok high performance, ultra high pure spring diaphragm valve, Swagelok ultra high pure spring diaphragm, ultra high purity ultra valve. High purity Teflon diaphragm valves, ultra high purity Teflon diaphragm valves, low vacuum valves, vacuum valves, vacuum valves, pneumatic diaphragm valves, Swagelok ball valve, Swagelok pipe, Swagelok valve, Swagelok valve
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    Balon Corporation - Manufacturer of Floating Ball Valves, Trunnion Ball Valves, Swing Check Valves and Needle Valves for the Oil and Gas Industry. Find us on the web at
    Balon manufactures valves for a huge variety of applications in the oil and gas industry. Sales representatives are immediately available for inquiries, quotes, support and questions. Balon is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
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    Pars Regulator - Home
    Pars Regulator Corp. (Private Joint Stock) is a leading manufacturing and trading company since 1988 in Iran. Iran has the 2nd largest reserves of Natural Gas after Russia and the 4th largest Oil reserves in the world. We have been serving our customers in the local Iranian market, Turkey, Iraq, Oman, Sudan, Malaysia, EU Countries and many other countries around the world. We manufacture and provide wide ranges of high quality Industrial Filters, LP Gas and Air Regulators, High Pressure Instrument Tubes & Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Instrumentation Needle Valves, Manifolds, Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Block & Bleed Valves, Steam Traps, Condensate Pot and such vital industrial products. Our commercial department actives in importing and exporting many types of Filters, tubes, pipes, industrial equipment and machines.
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    Instrumentation Tube Fittings, Precision Pipe Fittings, Needle Valves, Manifold Valve, Mumbai, India
    Manufacturers and Suppliers of Instrumentation Tube Fittings, Precision Pipe Fittings, Needle Valves, Manifold Valve, Mumbai, India
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    • Registration date: 2007/04/05
    Arth Industries Threaded Pipe Fittings | flexible hose Manufacturers in India
    arth industries is a leading supplier and stockist of carbon steel socket weld fittings, carbon steel threaded pipe fittings in india
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    hawa - ball valves, check valves, double block & bleed valves, plug valves, gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, cryogenic valves.
    butterfly valves, ball valves, pressure reducing valves, strainers, basket strainers, Y type strainers, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, reflux valves, plug valves, diaphragm valves, control valves, pulp valves, safety valves, industrial valves, pneumatic valves, actuated valves, pneumatic cylinders, forged steel ball valves, moisture separator, instant fittings, Y type control valves, electronic valves, non-return wafer check valves, steam traps, needle valves, air valves, manufacturers, exporters, india, ahmedabad, gujarat, mumbai, hubli.
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    Clark Solutions | Pumps | Valves | Instruments | Data Acquisition | Ultrasonic | Flow
    Clark Solutions offers a wide range of pumps, valves, instruments for measuring, monitoring, and/or controlling flow, pressure, energy, velocity & light, temperature, level, rotation, surface speed / force, ultrasonic & vortex flow transmitters, energy meters, flow indicators and totalizers, ALMEMO data acquisition measuring instruments, data loggers and sensors, and PKP specialty flow & level instruments for demanding applications.
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    Manufacturer of All Types of Valves, Gas Cylinder Valves, Chlorine Valves, Oxygen Valves, Acetylene valves, Hydrogen Valves, Carbon Dioxide Valves, Ammonia Valves, Medical Valves
    Manufacturer of All Types of Valves with ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified, Export Quality. Valves for Chlorine, Oxygen, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Co2, Ammonia, CNG, Medical, Refrigerant, Medical, Fire Fighting
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    China Valve Manufacturer, Industrial Valves Supplier - Chinese Valves
    Chinese Valves: industrial valves manufacturer, supplier, factory, company, exporter in China, gate globe check butterfly plug needle ball valve.
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    Panam Engineers | Tube fittings,Needle valve,Double block & bleed valve,Manifold valve,Pressure transmitter
    PANAM ENGINEERS has been in the field of manufacturing precision TUBE FITTINGS and INSTRUMENTATION VALVES since the last two decades. With a team of dedicated engineers PANAM has always endeavored to satisfy their customers ever widening demands with unmatched precision.
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    Plastic & Brass Ball Valve | Miniature, Plastic & Brass Check Valve | Pressure Regulator & Pneumatic Control Valves | Brass Needle & Pinch Valve Manufacturer | Brass Barb Fittings
    The Specialty Mfg. Co. is a vertically integrated valve manufacturer specializing in ball valves, check valves, needle valves, and miniature valves. For more details call @ 651-653-0599 / 800-549-4473 or Email:[email protected]
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    Av-Tek Water Management :: Home
    Municipal water valves. Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves, Plunger Valve, Needle Valves
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    Home | Dwyer Instruments
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    Tube Fitting | Ball Valves | Compression Tube Fittings : Nexus
    Nexus is a Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers of Compression Tube Fittings, Needle Valves, Manifold Valves, Hydraulics Tube Fittings, Precision Pipe Fitting
    • Google Plus: +Nexustubefittings
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    Dakota Instruments - Flow Controls, Rotameters, pH Testers, Handheld Measurment Devices
    Laboratory, pilot plant and proccess industry flow, pH, thermometric measurements and control applications. Corrosive resistant PTFE Flow Meters, Controllers and needle valves.
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    • Registration date: 1997/09/23 - Medical Supplies, First Aid Supplies
    Eiremed Medical Supplies
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    Colson X-Cel Ltd. - Providing precision engineering solutions for the most demanding environments
    Colson X-Cel Ltd is a well-established and highly respected UK valve manufacturer with a global reputation for excellence in product design, quality, reliability and the highest levels of customer service.
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    Home | Dwyer Instruments
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    上海日美阀门制造有限公司生产闸阀、球阀、蝶阀、截止阀、止回阀、安全阀、呼吸阀、减压阀、针型阀、调节阀、锻钢阀门、疏水阀、电磁阀、隔膜阀、旋塞阀、柱塞阀、鸭嘴阀、水力控制阀、 过滤器、 低温阀门、 排气阀、排泥阀、眼镜阀、平衡阀、电站阀门、氧气专用阀、铜阀门等各类低、中、高压阀门、及真空泵、消防泵、磁力泵、中开泵、隔膜泵、管道泵、自吸泵等电控、变频恒压成套供水系统设备。Remy Valve produces a wide variety of valves, pumps and accessories, such as Cast Steel valves, Forged Steel valves, Hydraulic control valves, Water Control valves, gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, respiratory valves, check valves, plug valves, needle valves, safety valves, adjusting valves, drain valves, duckbill valves, hydraulic valves, solenoid valves, low-temperature valves, various high, middle, low pressure valves, and Vacuum pumps, Fire pumps, Magnetic pumps, Split case pumps, Diaphragm pumps, Sewage pumps, Pipe pumps, Self-priming pumps, anti-corrosion pumps, oil pumps
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    Flow Control Valves-Ball Valves-Steel Flanges - Cincinnati, OH
    Anchor Fluid Power manufactures and supplies high quality valves, flanges and flange adapters.
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    Boiler Trim Valves, Industrial & Fire Protection Valves - United Brass Works, Inc.
    United Brass Works manufactures many types of industrial components including boiler, fire protection and steam valves, brass casting components and other products.
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    FlowNation | UHP & Instrumentation Flow Control Components
    Your New Source for Ultrahigh-purity and Instrumentation Flow Control Components, including Fittings, Valves, Regulators, Filters & more. Flow Nation, LLC
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    Rudman Hydraulics - Eaton, Aeroquip, Aeroquip Performance Products, Stainless Steel Outer Cover, Racing Hose, High Pressure Hose, Reusable Aluminum Fittings, Crimp Aluminum Fittings, Aircon Fittings, Air Conditioning Fittings, A/C Racing Hose, A/C Fittings, Stainless Steel Racing Hose, Truck Valves, Connect Air Brake, Air Brake Connectors for Copper Tubing, Air Brake Connectors for Nylon Tubing, Drain Cocks, Needle Valves, Eaton Brass Products, Crimp Fittings, Hydraulic Steel Tube, Brake Pipes, Gauteng, South Africa
    Rudman Hydraulics - Eaton, Aeroquip, Aeroquip Performance Products, Stainless Steel Outer Cover, Racing Hose, High Pressure Hose, Reusable Aluminum Fittings, Crimp Aluminum Fittings, Aircon Fittings, Air Conditioning Fittings, A/C Racing Hose, A/C Fittings, Stainless Steel Racing Hose, Truck Valves, Connect Air Brake, Air Brake Connectors for Copper Tubing, Air Brake Connectors for Nylon Tubing, Drain Cocks, Needle Valves, Eaton Brass Products, Crimp Fittings, Hydraulic Steel Tube, Brake Pipes, Gauteng, South Africa
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    Boiler Trim Valves, Industrial, United Brass Works> Boiler Trim Valves, Industrial -United Brass Items
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    Ball Valves,Gate Valves,Industrial Valves,Valves Manufacturers,Valves India,CC Valves,Globe Valves,Check Valves
    We are manufacturer of Ball Valve, Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve and all types of Industrial valves. Our works are approved with American Petroleum Institute Standards 6D, 600, IBR, FIRE SAFE Ball valves as per API 607
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    Untitled Document
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    Supplier and Traders of Pressure, Temperature and Flow Measurement Instruments and Regulators in Noida, Delhi NCR, India : See Automation & Engineers
    SEE Automation and Engineers are the largest and biggest suppliers, traders, exporters, distributors of CALIBRATION INSTRUMENT, Pressure Calibrator, AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS, PLC, HMI, Recorder, data logger, controller, DRIVES, VFD, MVD, Softstarter, PRESSURE, Pressure Gauge, Transmitter Smart / Hart, Indicator, Digital Pressure gauge, Pressure Transmitter, Special Pressure Gauge, Diaphgram Seals, Pressure Accesoories, Pressure Switch, TEMPERATURE, Temperature Gauge, Temperature Indicator, Temperature Transmitter, Tempreature and humidity, digital tempreature, tempreature gauge, non contact, thermometer, scanner, FLOW, Metal Tube Rotameter, Orifice Plates, Turbine Flow Meter, electromagnetic flow meter, primary flow elements, vortex flow meter, glass tube rotameter, LEVEL, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, Level Measurement, Flange Level Transmitter, radar level transmitter, top mounted level transmitter. rf level transmitter, displacer type level switch, level switch, level gauge, ANALYSIS INSTRUMENT, Conductivity Meters, PH Measurement, RO Controllers, orp indicator, GENERAL INSTRUMENT, Tachometer, Timer, Counter, Humidity, Encoders, annociaters, proximity switch, ELECTROPNEUMATIC, electropneumatic positioner, Pneumatic Positioner, Smart Positioner, Solenoid Valve, PNEUMATICS CONTROL, Control Valve, Butterfly Valve, Power Cylinder, on off valve, non return valve, santary ball valve, pneumatic butterfly valves, auto control divert valve, check valve, pneumatic diaphagram valve, PNEUMATIC ACCRESSORIES, Air Filter Regulators, Precision Regulators, Volume Boosters, air cylinders, lock up valve, snap acting relay, limit switch box, FITTING, minifold, syphone, needle valve, snubber, gauge cock, ball valve. We deals in ABB, Abustek, Control Air, SEE AUTOMATION, Samson, Yokogawa, Honeywell, Masibus, Endress Hauser, Gefran, Kuebler, LSIS, WIKA, Pneocon Automation in India, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat ,Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal.For any Enquiry Call See Automation & Engineers at Contact Number : +91-11-22012324, Email at : [email protected]
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    valves flanges pipe fittings supplier to oil gas petrochemical utility industry
    Valves, flanges, pipe, fittings supplier to the oil, gas, petrochemical, and utility industry. World wide sales, stockist, distributor. Comprehensive range: stainless carbon forged steel butt weld flanged gate cast globe check. Protech Flow Solutions Ltd
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    NOSHOK, Inc
    NOSHOK Pressure, Level, Temperature and Force Measurement Instruments, Needle and Manifold Valves Transducers, Transmitters, Gauges and Valves
    • Google Plus: +NOSHOKInc1010
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    China Famous Manufacturer for Industrial Dust Collectors, Cartridge Dust Collectors, Baghouse Dust Collectors and Replacement Air Filters
    China famous manufacturer for cartridge dust collectors, baghouse dust collectors, cartridge filters, needle felt bags, rotary valves and dust collector accessories.
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    Exotic+Raceparts / Scuderia Topolino - Teile für italienische Exoten und OldtimerScuderia Topolino
    Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE Willkommen in unserem Online-Shop Exotic+Raceparts Wir verkaufen Neu- und Gebrauchtteile von italienischen und englischen Exoten und Oldtimern. Wir führen Teile für Fiat 500-126, Abarth 850-1000TC-TCR, Abarth 850-1000OT, Fiat 850 /OT,Autobianchi, Lancia Thema 8.32 und andere. Sämtliche Teile, die zum Umbau von gewöhnlichen Fiat 500 oder 600/770 zum Fiat Abarth 595/695 bzw. 850-1000TC/R oder 850 -1000OT benötigt werden.Originalteile, Originalspezifische Teile oder auch für einen Fiat, der einfach mehr Spass machen soll. High performance Rennteile aus der "Scuderiatopolino" section sorgen dafür, daß unsere Motoren auch auf Rennstrecken den " großen " richtig Paroli bieten. NEWs Abarth CD 68 Felgen für Fiat 131 Abarth in 7x15 Art. Nr: 13-55 Fiat Abarth Wanduhr mit Pendel, Durchmesser 22cm,Art. Nr. ASA13 Zylinderkopfdeckel mit Abarth Schriftzug und Kühlrippen für PBS Zylinderkopf. Valve cover with Abarth letters and colling rib´s for PBS crossflow ( 8-port) cylinderheads Part number: 01-12 Rennfahrwerk mit 80mm Rennfedern an Vorder und Hinterachse lieferbar. Das Fahrwerk ist stufenlos härteverstellbar und 120mm in der Höhe verstellbar.Die vorderen Domlager sind kugelgelagert und minimieren somit die Lenkkräfte. Lieferbar für Autobianchi A112,Fiat 128 und Fiat 128. Hautlager -und Pleuellagerschalen in dreistoff Qualität lieferbar. Hauptlager für große Kurbelwellenlager ( 54mm) in Standard,010-020 und 030 verfügbar. Pleuellager passend für alle Motoren ( Zapfendurchmesser 40mm) von Fiat 600-850-A112-Abarth 1000 in den maßen Standard,010-020-030 Artikel 02-14 bis 02-17 (Hauptlager) 2016 Version Scuderiatopolino Super H-Pleuel satz ,Stichmaß 110 und 117mm .Für höchste Ansprüche, die Super H Version unterscheidet sich zur H-Version durch 5% niedrigeres Gewicht und höhere Steifigkeit. Für bessere Schmierleistung besitzt das obere Pleuelauge nun eine Nut. Für Fiat 600/850/A112, passend für 18mm Kolbenbolzen. Mit ARP 2000 Pleuelschrauben Art. 09-01 und 09-02 . 2016 Version of the Connecting Rod Scuderiatopolino 110 and 117mm,super H-beam. For high performance engines, the super H rods are 5% less in weight than the standard H conrods. The small pin end has now a groove to increase the lubrication . For Fiat 600-850/A112,18mm bush for Piston pin. With ARP 2000 rod bolts. new 24/32 straight cut syncro gears for 4-speed gearkit 12-09 these 24-32 ( 1,33) gears are interchangeable with the delivered 20/24 ( 1,2)for the 3rd gear. This is a solution to find the best performance for each track. There´s also possible, to use the delivered 20/24 3rd gear as 4th, so you will have a close ratio gearkit for very short tracks and hillclimbs! Coming soon..... Campagnolo prototyp 40765/D in size 7"x13 and 8"x13 bolt pattern for Fiat 4x98mm. Drosselklappenhebel aus Bronze für TCR/OTR-Bialbero lieferbar Art. 02-350 Scuderiatopolino 850-1000TCR Achsschenkel lieferbar. Achsschenkel Satz 850-1000TCR,40mm tiefer.Durch eine geänderte Anordnung des Lenkhebels hatte Abarth ein deutlich verbessertes Einlenkverhalten erreicht,in Kombination mit einer Tieferlegung von 40mm wird das Untersteuern bei größeren Lenkwinkeln deutlich reduziert. der Satz beinhaltet zwei Achsschenkel mit Lenkhebeln,Radnaben,Girling Bremsscheiben,Radlager,Befestigungsmaterial und Radbolzen mit Muttern.Keine Achsschenkelträger( sind Standard Teile Fiat 600/770/850)Bestellnummer: 13-35 850-1000TCR lowered front uprights.It was everytime hard to find these lowered front uprights like the ultimate 850-1000 TCR, who was fitted with Girling 3-pot calipers. We have started a reproduction in original design to perform all Fiat 600-770 bodied cars.These very strong spindles took bigger Timken bearings to reduce high speed friction.The hub ist made from strong Aluminium to reduce weight. The front of the car can get 40mm lower. The steering link lever is bolted separately, like original,in a different position like the Fiat 600/850 lever.This gernerated a better steering geometry and reduce the understeering.Part-no: 13-35,Scuderiatopolino. 20.01.2015 One of the first Generation 4 PBS competition heads, ready for "bolt on". Fullrace preparation with a ultralight valvetrain,stainless steel, flow optimized valves in 31,4 - 27,4mm with 5mm stem. Titanium Retainers, note the small valve lash caps in the groove of the retainer. The spark plug is relocated and is now 2,5mm closer to the piston deck. The intake manifold is machined to take two 40-45mm horizontal carburetors, like Weber DCOE. A flow test coming soon, also a dyno check. Die neue Serie der grandiosen PBS Generation 4 Zylinderköpfe demnächst lieferbar. Die neue 2015er Serie unterscheidet sich durch nochmals verbesserte Füllung. Die Kanäle wurden auf der Fließbank weiter optimiert, dadurch wurde eine massive Verbesserung im " low lift" Bereich erzielt .Was sich durch einen deutlichen Drehmomentzuwachs bemerkbar macht. 08.07.2014 New developed products for 2014.Front spindles with hubs and discs like the ultimate TCR, really 40mm lower (!!!).Can be used with Girling, wilwood or Ford calipers.The hubs are fitted with large bearings,much more bigger than the Fiat 850 types. Ab sofort NEU am Lager: 8.03.2014 Art. 03-10 und 03-10-1 TCR/OTR Nockenwelle Abarth Profil 095 und 095-2 , Originalspezikation,ab sofort verfügbar. Passend für A 112 Motoren ( großes Lager) oder Fiat 600 und AH Blöcke( kleines Lager). TCR/OTR camshaft available from stock now. Profile Abarth 095 and 095-2,like original . Will fit both blocks A 112 ( 03-10 ) and small bearings Fiat 600/Abarth AH blocks(03-10-1). Sonderaktion : 6.03.2014 Scuderiatopolino Rollerkipphbel Aluminium Komplettset mit hartverchromter Kipphebelwelle,Distanzbuchsen anstatt Spiralfedern . Die Kipphebel sind aus einer hochfestem Aluminiumlegierung, die Roller aus gehärtetem Stahl und auswechselbar.Duch eine Bronzebuchse wird die Reibung auf der hochfesten Kipphebelwelle auf ein minimum reduziert. Special offer 01-41-1 495.- euro New availble from stock: Scuderiatopolino Roller rocker set, ready for fit ,8 roller rockers,distance bushes and hard chromed rocker shaft with end caps. 01-41-1 495.- euro Kipphebel Einlaß-und Auslaßseite für Abarth 1000TCR/OTR. Diese Neuproduktion wurde geschmiedet und im Bereich der Nadllagerunterseite verstärkt. Wie beim Original " copper plated", die Lagerlaufflächen und der Ventilbetätigung verschleißfest gehärtet auf 60 Rockwell. New from Stock available: Abarth 1000TCR/OTR Rockers, Intake and exhaust side. New production,forged steel, copper plated like the original,but modified and stronger in the area of the needle bearings.Heat treated to 60 Rockwell. Order N°: 01-34 intake 01-35 exhaust 21.10.2013 Mittlerweile online sind aus der Scuderiatopolino-section Position 01, die alle Teile rund um die Zylinderköpfe und Anbauteile umfasst. Nahezu alles ab Lager lieferbar. Ebenso wird es eine separate Kategorie nur für TCR/OTR spezifische Teile geben. 20.10.2013 Demnächst lieferbar: Kipphebel Einlaß und Auslaßseite 1000TCR/OTR Nockenwellen TCR/OTR verteilerantrieb TCR Wir arbeiten aktuell an einem Kit der ein Gesamtpaket umpasst, um einen A 112 70HP Motorblock auf TCR Technik umzurüsten. 22.08.2013 Endlich wieder verfügbar !!! Scuderiatopolino " hard chromed" Kipphebelwelle, nach neuesten Erkenntnissen gefertigt. Aus 4140 Stahl gearbeitet, hartverchromt und anschließend geschliffen auf Maß, ermöglicht eine äußerst verscheißfeste Oberfläche mit 72 Rockwell. Um die reibung zu minimieren und eine bessere Schmierung zu erreichen,sind an der unterseite "X" förmige Einfräsungen eingearbeitet. Beidseitig wird die Welle mit Deckeln verschraubt. Passend für Standard Kipphebel,Bronce gebuchste Kipphebel oder die ultraleichte Scuderiatopolino Rollerkipphebel. Welle mit Deckel komplett: 159.- euro 24.05.2013 Schluss mit abgerissenen Antriebswellen bei Fiat 600 und Fiat 850 !!! Jetzt als Set: 1 Paar Antriebswellen mit Kreuzgelenken, wie bei Fiat Abarth 1000TC 1. serie verbaut. Für 16mm ( Fiat 600 Differenzial) oder 18mm ( 1000TC Sperre bzw. Fiat 850 ) Gleitsteine erhältlich. Special offer: 580,-Euro /Set inkl. Mwst. 13.05.2013 Inboard-Video Ransel-Klassik im Fiat Abarth 1000TC: Streckenlänge: ca. 5 km - Zeiten : 3.00.41 - Höchstgeschwindigkeit : 160 km/h Wir waren mit 3 Abarth-Fahrzeugen vertreten. Sehr schöne Veranstaltung, tolle Organisation und eine wahnsinns Strecke. Wir kommen wieder ;-). Vielen dank auch an Herrn Wacket und das ganze Team. 08.01.2013 Wir arbeiten nun eng mit der AUTOAUTO-Profiwerkstatt KFZ- Harald Dietze in Worblingen zusammen. Sie sind Ihr Werkstattpartner für alle Fahrzeugmarken und -typen - ob im geschäftlichen oder privaten Bereich - und erledigen für Sie sämtliche Reparatur- und Servicearbeiten rund ums Auto in Profi-Qualität.Besonders Ihr Young- und Oldtimerist bei Firma Dietze in den besten Händen - seit 09. Juli 2010 sind Sie der erste von der KFZ-Innung Stuttgart zertifizierte Fachbetrieb für historische Fahrzeuge im Landkreis Konstanz. Natürlich hat diese AUTOAUTO-Profiqualität ihren Preis - und zwar einen erstaunlich günstigen. Dort sind Sie in den besten Händen im Bereich Young- und Oldtimern. Unter können Sie direkt Firma Dietze kontaktieren oder sprechen Sie uns an!! NEU in ihrem Angebot: - Einbau und Abstimmung von Webervergasern - Auf- und Umbauten von Fiat 600 als Abarth´s in Rennversion oder Strassenversion mit TÜV-Zulassung und H-Kennzeichen (850 TC, 1000 TC oder 1000 TCR). - Auf- und Umbauten von Fiat 500 15.12.2012 Exotic & Raceparts hat die SCUDERIA TOPOLINO übernommen. Wir werden die gesamte Produktpalette der Scuderia Topolino weiterführen. Einschließlich der seit 1968 immer weiter entwickelten PBS Crossflow Zylinderköpfe ( inkl. Wasserpumpen, Ölwannen), TCR Zylinderköpfe und aller zugehörigen Komponenten. Wir werden uns auch weiterhin stark im Motorsport angagieren (Abarth Coppa Mille "Fairness" Auszeichnung, Bergrennen) und auch bei historischen Veranstaltungen mit verschiedenen interessanten Fahrzeugen vertreten sein. Termine werden in nächster Zeit folgen. Wir führen exklusiv die handgearbeiteten Sport- & Rennauspuffanlagen für Alfa Romeo, Fiat,Lancia, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Simca,Maserati uvm. von Italstyle Marmitte-Modena Per Email unter: [email protected] oder Tel: 0173/3874189
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    Havi - Fitting & Valves
    Havi offers the highest quality instrument valves and fittings for the most demanding Fittings & Valves, fluid system applications in India.
    • Google Plus: 105615026401683065433
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