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Chris Albon - Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence
Data Science for Political and Social Phenomena
  • Analytics ID: UA-66582-32
  • Expiration date: 2017/09/06
  • Record last updated: 2017/03/15
  • Registration date: 2004/09/06

How old do I look?
The #HowOldRobot guesses how old you look using Machine Learning.
  • Expiration date: 2018/04/17
  • Record last updated: 2017/03/16
  • Registration date: 2015/04/17
Machine Learning Mastery
Making developers awesome at machine learning.
  • Google Plus: 117073416089354242117
  • Analytics ID: UA-44039733-3
  • Expiration date: 2017/11/09
  • Record last updated: 2016/11/09
  • Registration date: 2013/11/09
Haptik | Free Personal Assistant, Just A Message Away
Haptik is the easiest way to complete your everyday tasks. Set reminders, book flights, order food, make restaurant reservations, pay your bills & more.
  • Analytics ID: UA-44198980-1
  • Expiration date: 2018/04/04
  • Record last updated: 2016/10/05
  • Registration date: 2013/04/04
متلب سایت | آموزش متلب | مقالات و فیلم های آموزشی دانشگاهی و مهندسی
متلب سایت اولین و بزرگترین مرجع آموزش برنامه نویسی متلب و هوش مصنوعی در ایران است.
  • Google Plus: 111230529450175632697
  • Analytics ID: UA-47418608-5
  • Expiration date: 2017/12/22
  • Record last updated: 2016/12/23
  • Registration date: 2008/12/22
Azure Machine Learning Documentation - Tutorials, API Reference | Microsoft Docs
Documentation, videos, and example models for Machine Learning, a cloud service for data scientists and developers using predictive analytics in applications.
  • Expiration date: 2018/04/30
  • Record last updated: 2017/03/29
  • Registration date: 2014/04/30
Free Porn Search Engine ::
Pornharmony is a unique porn search engine that uses machine learning to give highly accurate personalized recommendations, related videos, and search results.
  • Analytics ID: UA-66065918-1
  • Expiration date: 2017/08/03
  • Record last updated: 2016/07/01
  • Registration date: 2015/08/03
scikit-learn: machine learning in Python — scikit-learn 0.16.1 documentation
  • Expiration date: 2020/10/19
  • Record last updated: 2015/08/26
  • Registration date: 2011/10/19
BADR | Big Data Engineering & Social Media Analytics Company
BADR provides complete software solutions for data science systems (data engineering, visualization, web apps, and mobile apps).
  • Expiration date: 2019/10/11
  • Record last updated: 2016/10/16
  • Registration date: 2006/10/11
Aviso | Sales Forecasting and Insights
Aviso is the leading provider of sales forecasting and machine learning insights. Powered by AI, top sales teams use Aviso to accelerate sales growth.
  • Google Adsense Publisher: pub-2970805402562298
  • Addthis ID: wp-f1e134eca8e3b37c38e6d4b475fa71dd
  • Analytics ID: UA-50523412-1
  • Expiration date: 2017/12/11
  • Record last updated: 2016/06/19
  • Registration date: 1996/12/12
编程之家 -
Java, Ruby, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Freebsd, Unix ...
  • Expiration date: 2018/11/28
  • Record last updated: 2017/01/27
  • Registration date: 2006/11/28
WikiCFP : Call For Papers of Conferences, Workshops and Journals
A Wiki website of Calls For Papers (CFP) of international conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars, events, journals and book chapters in computer science, communications, software engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, networking, signal processing, systems etc.
  • Analytics ID: UA-2351831-1
  • Expiration date: 2018/08/10
  • Record last updated: 2017/01/04
  • Registration date: 2007/01/13
텐서플로우 블로그 (Tensor ≈ Blog) | 머신러닝(Machine Learning), 딥러닝(Deep Learning) 그리고 텐서플로우(TensorFlow) 또 파이썬(Python)
머신러닝(Machine Learning), 딥러닝(Deep Learning) 그리고 텐서플로우(TensorFlow) 또 파이썬(Python)
    Learn OpenCV ( C++ / Python )
    Learn computer vision, machine learning, and image processing with OpenCV, CUDA, Caffe examples and tutorials written in C++ and Python.
    • Google Plus: +SatyaMallick
    • Analytics ID: UA-50426860-2
    • Expiration date: 2018/09/05
    • Record last updated: 2016/08/23
    • Registration date: 2014/09/05
    Kardi Teknomo's Tutorial
    Complete explanations of various Data Science, Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition formulae including Neural Network, Gaussian Mixture, EM Agorithm, K Means clustering, Market Basket Analysis, Bootstrap sampling, Q Learning by example, Discriminant Analysis, K Nearest Neighbors, Generalized Inverse, SVM, and many more.
    • Expiration date: 2019/10/28
    • Record last updated: 2016/06/26
    • Registration date: 2003/10/28 is Machine Learning made easy
    BigML's goal is to create a machine learning service extremely easy to use and seamless to integrate.
    • Google Plus: +BigML
    • Analytics ID: UA-28206501-1
    • Expiration date: 2017/12/08
    • Record last updated: 2016/12/09
    • Registration date: 2010/12/08
    Hacking UI | Product Design & Frontend Development Newsletter & Magazine
    A 15 minute exercise (+bonus download)
    • Analytics ID: UA-46289909-1
    • Expiration date: 2017/11/21
    • Record last updated: 2016/02/23
    • Registration date: 2013/11/21
    Journal of Learning Analytics
    Journal of Learning Analytics
    • Expiration date: 2019/02/21
    • Record last updated: 2017/02/14
    • Registration date: 2013/02/21
    Appen: Fuel up your machine learning with high quality data
    Appen is a global leader in the development of high-quality, human annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence.
    • Analytics ID: UA-45285948-1
    Treasure Data - Live Data Management Platform
    Over 100+ integrations to unify your data on the Treasure Data platform. Includes data connectors, machine learning and more. Request a free demo.
    • Google Plus: +TreasureData
    • Expiration date: 2018/03/29
    • Record last updated: 2015/10/06
    • Registration date: 2008/03/29
    Accurate opinion data through advanced sentiment analytics | BrandsEye
    The most accurate data with the world's leading opinion mining company. With crowd intergrated sentiment analysis and topic discovery, know how people really feel.
    • Analytics ID: UA-3807328-1
    • Expiration date: 2017/06/19
    • Record last updated: 2016/03/22
    • Registration date: 2007/06/19
    Adikteev - Machine Learning Driven Marketing Platform
    Machine Learning Driven Marketing Platform - Qualify - Trademob - Motionlead
    • Analytics ID: UA-38999753-10
    • Expiration date: 2018/01/04
    • Record last updated: 2016/05/06
    • Registration date: 2013/01/04
    Capital Market Laboratories
    Ophir Gottlieb is the CEO & Co-founder of Capital Market Laboratories. Mr Gottlieb’s mathematics, measure theory and machine learning background stems from his graduate work at Stanford University. He...
    • Analytics ID: UA-59568429-1
    Botsify - Create artificial intelligent chatbots without coding.
    Create facebook messenger chatbot without any coding knowledge. Fully intelligent bots with machine learning capabilities to make them even more smarter.
    • Analytics ID: UA-76861634-1
    • Expiration date: 2018/04/22
    • Record last updated: 2017/03/24
    • Registration date: 2016/04/22
    Radim Řehůřek: Machine learning consulting
    I help clients define, design, and build systems for intelligent data processing.
    • Google Plus: 112541171501199106923
    • Analytics ID: UA-44029069-1
    • Expiration date: 2017/08/05
    • Record last updated: 2016/08/06
    • Registration date: 2011/08/05
    Sebastian Raschka's Website
    This is the personal website of a data scientist and machine learning enthusiast with a big passion for Python and open source. Born and raised in Germany, now living in East Lansing, Michigan.
    • Google Plus: +SebastianRaschka
    • Analytics ID: UA-38457794-1
    • Expiration date: 2018/01/02
    • Record last updated: 2017/01/02
    • Registration date: 2013/01/02
    DataFox | Prospect Sales Leads with Company Signals
    DataFox helps you find new prospects, keep accounts current and expand territories. We make sales operations easy with our machine learning technology and thousands of data sources.
    • Analytics ID: UA-72283306-1
    • Expiration date: 2018/03/09
    • Record last updated: 2017/02/02
    • Registration date: 1999/03/09
    zalando adtech lab
    We connect brands to consumers! We are Zalando’s ad-technology forge and an integral contributor to Zalando Media Solutions.
    • Analytics ID: UA-25816501-1
    • Expiration date: 2018/07/01
    • Record last updated: 2017/04/10
    • Registration date: 2011/07/01
    Big data | Machine Learning | Analytics | Cloudera
    Imagine what your business could do if all your data were collected in one centralized, secure, fully-governed place that any department could access anytime, anywhere.
    • Expiration date: 2019/02/28
    • Record last updated: 2015/02/23
    • Registration date: 2006/02/28
    Fraud Prevention Software & Chargeback Protection | Sift Science
    Sign up for our advanced machine learning fraud detection and prevention software. Start preventing chargebacks in mere days. Free 30-day trial.
    • Google Plus: +SiftscienceFraudDetection
    • Expiration date: 2020/06/08
    • Record last updated: 2015/04/22
    • Registration date: 2011/06/08
    Zeta Global
    Zeta Global is a big data and analytics company that helps leading brands acquire, grow and retain customers. Founded by David A. Steinberg and John Sculley (former CEO of Apple Computer and Pepsi-Cola) in 2007, Zeta uses Big Data, advanced analytics and machine learning to power marketing programs for hundreds of Middle Market and Fortune 500 brands.
    • Google Plus: +XLMarketing
    • Expiration date: 2020/03/06
    • Record last updated: 2017/01/10
    • Registration date: 2001/03/06
    Deep Learning
    • Analytics ID: UA-38366454-1
    • Expiration date: 2018/05/04
    • Record last updated: 2017/02/02
    • Registration date: 2007/05/04
    Free Computer, Programming, Mathematics, Technical Books, Lecture Notes and Tutorials
    Free Computer Books, Free Mathematics Books, Directory of online free computer, programming, engineering, mathematics, technical books, ebooks, lecture notes and tutorials. Very well categorized. Equipped with both pattern and keywords search engines.
    • Google Adsense Publisher: pub-5976068913745703
    • Analytics ID: UA-2891492-2
    • Expiration date: 2018/10/01
    • Record last updated: 2017/03/03
    • Registration date: 2000/10/01
    Appen: Fuel up your machine learning with high quality data
    Appen is a global leader in the development of high-quality, human annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence.
    • Analytics ID: UA-45285948-1
    • Expiration date: 2017/10/07
    • Record last updated: 2016/10/07
    • Registration date: 1997/10/08
    • Analytics ID: UA-47205472-1
    • Expiration date: 2018/03/08
    • Record last updated: 2017/01/19
    • Registration date: 2013/03/08
    What is your dog?
    what-dog classifies the breed of your dog using machine learning. See our companion Fetch! app in the iOS app store!
    • Expiration date: 2017/12/11
    • Record last updated: 2016/12/07
    • Registration date: 2015/12/11
    Welcome to Apache PredictionIO (incubating)!
    Apache PredictionIO (incubating) Open Source Machine Learning Server
    • Expiration date: 2018/12/05
    Personalize Your Digital Marketing with Jivox
    Jivox combines big data, machine learning and dynamic creative to serve relevant messages, in real time, to individual consumers across all channels.
    • Analytics ID: UA-67148780-1
    • Expiration date: 2017/07/04
    • Record last updated: 2015/06/03
    • Registration date: 2006/07/04
    Journal of Machine Learning Research Homepage
    • Expiration date: 2018/05/15
    • Record last updated: 2016/09/03
    • Registration date: 2000/05/15
    Safe Web Search and Secure Browsing | WOT (Web of Trust)
    Web of Trust (MyWOT) offers free tools for safe search and web browsing. Ratings are based on a community of over 140M users and machine learning algorithms.
    • Analytics ID: UA-2412412-1
    • Expiration date: 2017/08/14
    • Record last updated: 2016/07/04
    • Registration date: 2006/08/14
    The Fifth Elephant 2017
    The Fifth Elephant - India’s most renowned data science conference. Discuss the most cutting edge developments in the fields of machine learning, data science and technology that power data collection and analysis.
    • Analytics ID: UA-19123154-20
    • Expiration date: 2018/03/08
    • Record last updated: 2017/04/08
    • Registration date: 2012/03/08
    Fractal Analytics: Advanced Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
    Fractal Analytics helps global Fortune 500 companies power every human decision in the enterprise by bringing analytics and AI to the decision.
    • Analytics ID: UA-24206134-1
    • Expiration date: 2017/08/14
    • Record last updated: 2017/03/04
    • Registration date: 2003/08/14
    Yhat: End-to-End Data Science Platform
    Yhat (pronounced Y-hat) provides the industry-leading data science platform for developing, deploying, and managing real-time decision APIs.
    • Analytics ID: UA-37140626-1
    • Expiration date: 2018/02/13
    • Record last updated: 2016/01/30
    • Registration date: 2005/02/13
    Hatebu::Classic - 見慣れたデザインのはてなブックマーク
    • Expiration date: 2018/03/09
    • Record last updated: 2017/01/16
    • Registration date: 2013/03/09
    Women in Machine Learning
    • Expiration date: 2018/03/18
    • Record last updated: 2017/02/20
    • Registration date: 2007/03/18
    Metaps Inc. - To be the world's brain
    Through big-data and machine learning, our aim is to be the world's brain by empowering people to make smarter decisions.
    • Analytics ID: UA-26138294-3
    • Expiration date: 2018/08/11
    • Record last updated: 2016/07/26
    • Registration date: 2011/08/11
    AI for your business | CrowdFlower
    Training data, machine learning, and human-in-the-loop in a single, essential platform for data science teams
    • Google Plus: 116115971590569804635
    • Analytics ID: UA-3841988-18
    • Expiration date: 2018/02/05
    • Record last updated: 2017/03/04
    • Registration date: 2009/02/05
    Data Science Platform | RapidMiner
    RapidMiner makes data science teams more productive through a unified platform for data prep, machine learning, and model deployment.
    • Expiration date: 2017/09/05
    • Record last updated: 2017/03/06
    • Registration date: 2006/09/05
    Smarter Dynamic Creative by Spongecell
    Spongecell is a creative technology company focused on making data-driven creative simple, effective and scalable by integrating data, machine learning and automation in the creative process.
    • Analytics ID: UA-2536990-1
    • Expiration date: 2025/08/23
    • Record last updated: 2016/08/18
    • Registration date: 2005/08/23
    Cordial - An Adaptive Messaging Platform powered by Machine Learning
    • Analytics ID: UA-38238274-3
    • Expiration date: 2018/05/20
    Cylance | Advanced Threat Prevention Built on Artificial Intelligence
    Protect your endpoints against advanced malware with the world's first antivirus built on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
    • Analytics ID: UA-33464378-1
    • Expiration date: 2021/08/05
    • Record last updated: 2016/05/25
    • Registration date: 2004/08/05
    indico | text and image analysis powered by machine learning
    Custom and pre-trained machine learning algorithms for unstructured text and image analysis. Developer-friendly APIs for analytics, data mining, and intelligent products.
    • Analytics ID: UA-46398123-1
    • Expiration date: 2017/10/25
    Bioinformatics Laboratory
    The laboratory carries out research in data mining, machine learning, data visualization, big data analysis and data fusion. We apply computational methods to solve practical problems and focus on systems biology, biomedicine and natural sciences. The laboratory is developing Orange, a comprehensive suite that joins machine learning and visual programming, and collaborates in development of cool interactive web-based data exploration platforms like dictyExpress.
    • Analytics ID: UA-71142817-1
    • Expiration date: 2021/11/16
    • Registration date: 2010/11/16
    Clarifai | Image & Video Recognition API
    Build smarter apps faster with Clarifai’s powerful visual recognition API. Automatically tag, organize, and search visual content with machine learning.
    • Expiration date: 2019/09/28
    • Record last updated: 2017/03/06
    • Registration date: 2013/09/28
    The automatic audio post production webservice, using signal processing and machine learning techniques.
    • Expiration date: 2017/05/12
    • Record last updated: 2016/05/13
    • Registration date: 2011/05/12
    Recorded Future: Threat Intelligence Powered by Machine Learning
    Recorded Future is the leading dedicated threat intelligence provider, powered by patented machine learning, and driven by world-class threat researchers.
    • Analytics ID: UA-9153858-2
    • Expiration date: 2018/10/02
    • Record last updated: 2015/11/17
    • Registration date: 2009/01/04
    WeTest - Webseiten-Test | WeTest heisst jetzt WeTest - Der WeTest Webseiten-Test analysiert und bewertet Webseiten mit Machine Learning wie ein menschlicher Besucher.
    • Google Adsense Publisher: pub-4533766086589882
    • Record last updated: 2008/10/14
    Once again we beat the benchmark in a Kaggle competition. The goal of the contest at hand was to forecast mortality rate in England using Copernicus …
    • Analytics ID: UA-452062-21
    • Expiration date: 2018/05/08
    • Record last updated: 2016/05/02
    • Registration date: 2012/05/08
    Home | Aarki
    Dynamic creative optimization, programmatic media buying, and machine learning enable Aarki to deliver superior mobile app marketing ROI.
    • Analytics ID: UA-34665176-1
    • Expiration date: 2017/06/24
    • Record last updated: 2016/06/17
    • Registration date: 2010/06/24
    Kreditech - Financial Freedom for the Underbanked
    The Group's mission is to improve financial freedom through technology. Non-traditional data sources and machine learning serve for better credit decisions.
    • Analytics ID: UA-40315525-1
    • Expiration date: 2017/09/20
    • Record last updated: 2016/09/21
    • Registration date: 2012/09/20
    Advanced Developer Blog • Code is poetry
    A Blog about advanced development techniques and on how to build intelligent and scalable web applications
    • Google Adsense Publisher: pub-4729322515303240
    • Analytics ID: UA-1101037-2
    • Expiration date: 2017/07/12
    • Record last updated: 2016/07/11
    • Registration date: 2008/07/12
    MonkeyLearn - Build Apps with Machine Learning
    Highly scalable Machine Learning API for developers building text analysis aplications. Get started for free!
    • Analytics ID: UA-49784098-1
    • Expiration date: 2018/05/23
    • Record last updated: 2017/02/07
    • Registration date: 2013/05/23
    РОБОТОША | Блог о робототехнике, электронике и алгоритмах
    Блог посвящен робототехнике и созданию искусственного интеллекта, современной электронике и алгоритмам машинного обучения, а также Arduino
    • Google Plus: +RobotoshaRussia
    • Analytics ID: UA-50765049-1
    • Expiration date: 2018/05/01
    • Record last updated: 2017/05/13
    • Registration date: 2014/05/01
    A visual introduction to machine learning
    • Analytics ID: UA-56084033-1
    • Expiration date: 2018/07/27
    • Record last updated: 2016/07/27
    • Registration date: 2014/07/28
    AppThis is a global app distribution platform that helps publishers monetize their mobile traffic while providing advertisers with high-value users. Using a variety of ad formats, including native/instream and targeted appwalls, our machine learning technology optimizes the serving of apps to generate more installs.
    • Analytics ID: UA-60667105-1
    • Expiration date: 2020/11/13
    • Record last updated: 2015/11/05
    • Registration date: 2006/11/13
    JavaScript, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, ES6, TypeScript... Tutorial from Beginners |
    Learn Web, Mobile Development and Design with Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, Python, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, mobile app development, Responsive Web Design
    • Expiration date: 2018/01/03
    • Record last updated: 2017/01/04
    • Registration date: 2015/01/03
    Machine Learning Platform for Predictive Modeling | DataRobot
    DataRobot offers a machine learning platform for anyone to build and deploy accurate predictive models fast. See how.
    • Google Plus: +DataRobot
    • Expiration date: 2024/06/28
    • Record last updated: 2015/06/05
    • Registration date: 2004/06/28
    Bizety - CDN, Security. Compute. Machine Learning
    CDN, Security. Compute. Machine Learning
    • Analytics ID: UA-46356741-1
    • Expiration date: 2018/01/09
    • Record last updated: 2015/04/30
    • Registration date: 2013/01/09
    Predictive Analytics World 2017: New York, San Francisco, Chicago and More - a data science and machine learning conference
    • Addthis ID: ericsiegel
    • Analytics ID: UA-136081-2
    • Expiration date: 2017/12/06
    • Record last updated: 2015/04/28
    • Registration date: 2007/12/06
    Home - Findify
    Personalized e-commerce - Powered by machine learning and big data
    • Analytics ID: UA-45221486-3
    • Expiration date: 2017/09/20
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