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Land, Air, Water Aotearoa (LAWA) - The homepage
New Zealand's most comprehensive source of water quality, water quantity and air quality data. View the current state and trend information for New Zealand's rivers and lakes, water use and availability, bathing beaches and air quality.
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    Bildungshaus St. Arbogast: Home
    Das Bildungshaus St. Arbogast ist Ort der Begegnung, Bildung und Kultur für erwachsene und junge Menschen.
      S.A.F.F. Homepage: We Expose The Truths Behind Media Spin
      The S.A.F.F., The SAFF, The Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation, The U.K.'s First anti-defamation group for new agers, pagans, occultists, mystics Ritual Magicians, Wiccans, shamans, satanists, cults, unorthodox religious and spiritual beliefs. Established 1988 by Chris Bray in Leeds, Yorks. to counter the modern witch-hunt which is the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. The SAFF is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, which has successfully fended off sectarian intolerance from the major orthodoxies to protect freedom of thought and choice in spiritual matters. We undertake research work, occult censuses, investigative journalism, organise and provide documentary evidence to freethinkers, governments, local and national authorities, associations, trustworthy media and groups with an interest in the Ancient Wisdom as well as supplying published works on religious intolerance and the Satan Myth, mind control, declarations from major occult groups and temples to better inform the public of the benefits of pluralism and preserve and perpetuate the Ancient Wisdom in all its forms from attack and suppression by religious, economic and political monopolies. We are the experts - we know that of which we speak
        Maine: An Encyclopedia | Articles about Maine history, government, ecology, economy, recreation, towns, natural features, famous people, sports, with maps, photos, and videos.
        The Democrats of Maine in convention assembled adopted the following platform: Under the Divine guidance of Almighty God, we pledge our all to this Country’s
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        Home Page
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        Lake Access: Real time and historical water quality data for lake users
        Lake Access: Delivers real-time water quality information on Minneapolis, Minnesota metropolitan lakes to the public using advanced sensor technology and the Internet.
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        Studio Coop Architecture – Lake Oswego Portland Oregon - New Construction - Renovations
        Studio Coop brings an understanding of ecology to modern living by integrating energy efficiency and natural and alternative materials in comfortable, well-scaled environments.
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        Flora of the Fells
        Flora of the Fells project - celebrating Cumbria's mountain landscapes and their plants and flowers.
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        Favourite Sounds
        The Favourite Sounds site links sounds to the cartographic and satellite images of the Google map. Many are personal choices of people in London, Prague, Beijing, Birmingham etc...., sonic representations of their own city. Others capture the amazing diversity of today's global soundscape, from Lake Baikal ice to Old Jerusalem souks.
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        The Eco-pratique association. Practical ecology in Ferney-Voltaire for your daily life. Association eco-pratique. Solutions ecologiques pour votre vie quotidien
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        Milford Sound Select ~ Queenstown to Milford Sound Bus and Boat Trips, New Zealand
        Milford Sound Select will make your trip to Milford Sound luxury coach trip a personal and comfortable experience. More time to stop for photographs, glass roofed coach, great leg room, the ultimate New Zealand experience.
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        Get Nearer to Nature | Squam Lakes Natural Science Center
        Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in New Hampshire features live native New Hampshire animals, guided cruises on Squam Lake, Kirkwood Gardens, Blue Heron School, New Hampshire's first nature-based Montessori early learning center, science and nature field trips, and other science and nature programs.
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        Journal of Limnology
        The Journal of Limnology publishes peer-reviewed original papers, review papers and notes about all aspects of limnology. The scope of our Journal comprises the ecology, biology, microbiology, physics, and chemistry of lakes.
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        RSEC - Red Sea Environmental Centre
        RSEC - Red Sea Environmental Centre
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        Guadalupe Canyon Oasis Desert Hot Springs
        Guadalupe Canyon Oasis Hot Springs and Camping Destination in Baja California, Mexico -- Home Page
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        Study Abroad in Kenya!
        Want to study abroad in Africa? Learn paleontology, paleoanthropology, archaeology, geology & ecology in our Field School at the Lake Turkana Basin in Kenya
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        The Raw Organic Vegan Superfoods Superstore - Live Superfoods
        Live Superfoods specializes in Raw, Organic, Vegan Superfoods & Whole-Food Supplements. Same Day Shipping, Orders $49+ Ship Free, Price Match Guarantee
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        ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain
        Discover 70 live species, over 100 interactive experiences, and seasonal changing exhibits and events --- all exploring the Ecology, Culture, History, and Opportunity for stewardship of the Lake Champlain Basin.
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        ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain
        Discover 70 live species, over 100 interactive experiences, and seasonal changing exhibits and events --- all exploring the Ecology, Culture, History, and Opportunity for stewardship of the Lake Champlain Basin.
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        Objective News, News, analysis, Updates, Press, Headlines
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        Gulf of Maine Research Institute
        Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Portland, Maine.
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