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HETIC, The Web School now in Bengaluru
According to Le Figaro, HETIC is the No. 1 amongst the Web schools. HETIC offers training courses for the Internet, Web and Multimedia development professions - Recognized degrees at Bachelors and Masters level.
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Hasiera - Informazio Gizartea
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Home - European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC)
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#space3ac - start your space adventure!
Join the best equity free European downstream space accelerator and start your space adventure!
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Netcamp - Inspirujące Spotkania IT
Netcamp to największa społeczność technologiczno-startupowa w zachodniej Polsce. Od prawie 10 lat organizujemy inspirujące spotkania IT w Szczecinie edukując i integrując lokalną branżę
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