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Ballard Spahr LLP | National Law Firm
401 (k), 403 (b), 409A, 501 (c) (3) Bonds, 501 (c) (3) charities, ABCs of arbitrage, accessibility, accountants, Accounting and Professional Liability, accounting firms, accounting industry, accounting liability, Achievement, acquisitions, ADA, Added Value, administrative search warrants, advance refundings, Affinity Groups, Affirmative action, Affordable, Affordable Health Choices Act, Agreements and Transactions, AHCA, air quality permits, Alerts & Publications, Alternative Dispute Resolution, alternative dispute resolution programs, alternative energy, alternative energy, Alumni, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, amicus briefs, Anti kickback, anti-discrimination, Antitrust, Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, antitrust implications, appeals, Appellate, appellate courts, appellate lawyers, appellate practice, Arbitration clause, arbitration programs, Arms Export Control Act, ARRA, Articles, Asset-Backed Securitization, Atlanta, Attorneys, audit, audit committee, avoid litigation, bad faith, Ballard Spahr, Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, Ballard Spahr is a national firm with more than 500 lawyers in 15 offices in the United States. The firm combines a national scope of practice with strong regional market knowledge in litigation, business and finance, real estate, intellectual property, and public finance. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, life sciences and technology companies, health systems, investors and developers, government agencies and sponsored enterprises, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations., Ballard Spahr Stillman & Friedman LLP, Ballard Women, Baltimore, Bank Regulation, banking law, Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Capital Recovery, benefit plans, Bethesda, bio energy, biomass energy, biotechnology, bond counsel, bond counsel, bond lawyers, Bonds, borrower's counsel, brand strategies, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, breach response, Broadband, Broadcast, Brochures, brownfield redevelopment, Brownfield Redevelopment, build america bonds, Business and Finance, business dispute, Business Intelligence, business torts, carbon dioxide emissions, Careers, CFPB, change of control, Chapter 11, charitable solicitation registration requirements, charitable solicitations, Children's Health Insurance Program, civil antitrust cases, civil false claims, Civil False Claims Act, civil fraud, civil lawsuits, class action, class action, class action defense, class action litigation, clean energy, Clerkship, Client Needs, Client Value, Client Value Program, climate change, Climate Change and Alternative Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability, collections, collective bargaining, commercial, commercial litigation, commercial litigators, common law fraud, Communication and Feedback, Communications, communications law, Community, company acquisitions, Compensation and Benefits, Compensation committee, Complex Commercial Litigation, compliance programs, Construction, Construction Dispute Resolution, construction litigation, construction processes, Consumer, Consumer, consumer arbitration programs, consumer class action, consumer class action, Consumer Class Action Litigation, consumer credit, Consumer Financial Services, consumer protection, Contamination and Superfund, contract interference, contract recoveries, contract recovery, contractual disputes, copyright infringement, copyrights, Corporate Compliance and Investigations, corporate governance, corporate governance, Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation, corporate governance issues, corporate law, corporate law, corporate restructuring, corporate risk, cost recoveries, Cost-Effective, Credit Rating Agencies, credit reporting, criminal antitrust, criminal antitrust cases, criminal cases, criminal defense, criminal proceedings, criminal tax matters, Crowdfunding, Current Opportunities, Customs Border Protection, cybersecurity, cybersquatting, data breach, data privacy, data security, Daubert, deals, debarment, debt collection, debt management, deep bench, defeating class certification, delaware, Delaware, Denver, Department of Commerce, derivative lawsuits, Derivatives, discrimination, Discrimination and Unlawful Discharge, dismissal, dispute resolution, distressed debt acquisition, Distressed Real Estate, distribution arrangements, Diversity, Diversity, Diversity, Diversity Committee, Dodd Frank, Dodd-Frank Act, DOJ, E-verify, EB-5, EB-5, e-commerce, Economic Stabilization and Recovery, EFCA, Electric Natural Gas Trading and Contracting, Electric Regulation, Emerging Growth and Private Capital, Eminent Domain, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation, Employee Free Choice Act, energy, energy, energy and gas, Energy and Project Finance, energy conservation, energy efficiency, Energy Industry Finance, Energy Projects, energy speakers, energy tax credit, Energy Tax Incentive, Entertainment and Media, Environmental, environmental crimes, environmental energy, environmental remediation, ERISA, Evaluation and Advancement, Events, Events & News, excess benefit transactions, exclusion proceedings, Executive Compensation, executive compensation tax, Experience, Export regulations, export violations, failing to design, Fair Housing Act, False Claims Act, False Claims Act litigation, false securities filings, Family and Medical Leave Act, Family Wealth Management, Fannie Mae, FAQs, Fashion, fashion financing, FCC, FCPA - foreign corrupt practices act, FCRA, FDIC, federal and state appellate courts, federal and state nonprofit tax, federal banking, Federal Bankruptcy Court, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Communications Commission, Federal Court of Appeals, Federal District Court, federal fair housing, Federal Trade Commission, FERPA, FHA, fidelity, fiduciary duty, Financial, financial fraud, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Financial Institutions Reform, Financial Reform, FINRA, Fintech, Firm Facts, first impression, FLSA, FLSA, FMLA, FMLA, Focus on Clients, Foreign Corrupt Practices, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Foreign Investment, Foreign joint ventures, Foreign technology and data transfers, Form 990 and IRS compliance, formal tax opinions, foundation administration, Franchise and Distribution, franchise frees, fraud, Freddie Mac, Frye, FTC, FTC, fund formation, gas energy, Gas Regulation, geothermal energy, gift and estate taxes, GLBA, GNMA, government investigations, government procurement fraud, government relations, Government Relations, Regulatory Affairs and Contracting, Governmental Bonds, governmental investigation, Graduate student organizing, Green, green building, green energy, grievance arbitrations, handicapped accessibility laws, harassment, Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, health and welfare, Health Care, health care fraud, Health Care Reform, Hedge Fund, high-stakes appeals, high-stakes matters, Higher Education, Higher Education, HIPPA, Historic Tax Credit Practice, HMO, HOPE VI, Housing, housing bonds, HUD, Hydro Regulation, I-9, Immigration, Immigration, Import regulations, import violations, Industry, Industry Focus and Business Acumen, Information Security, Information Technology, infrastructure, Infrastructure, infringement opinions, Initiative, INS, insider trading, Insurance, Intellectual Property, intellectual property due diligence, intellectual property litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Interconnection, interest arbitration, internal investigations, International, International arbitration, International Expansion, International franchising, International litigation, International mergers and acquisitions, International Product Distribution, international tax, International Trade, International Traffic in Arms Regulation, International Transactions, International Transfer, Internet, inventorship analysis, investments, IP Due Diligence, IP Legal Professionals, IP licensing, irrevocable trusts, IRS ruling, ITAR, Korea, Labor and Employment, Labor, Employment and Immigration, labor relations, Land Use Issues, landlord bankruptcy, Las Vegas, Lateral Partners, Law, Lawyer, layoff, Leadership, Legal, Legal Alerts, liability insurance, Licensing, Life Sciences/Technology, lines of credit, Litigation, litigation exposure, litigators, Living wills, LLP, loan portfolio transactions, loan workouts, Los Angeles, loss avoidance, loss recovery, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, malpractice, Marketplace Lending, mass tort and product liability, mass tort litigation, mass torts, Matter Management and Efficiency, Media Coverage, medical device, Mentoring, Mergers, mergers and acquisitions, Mergers and Acquisitions/Private Equity, Ballard Spahr LLP is an Am Law 100 firm with more than 500 lawyers in 15 offices in the United States. The firm combines a national scope of practice with strong regional market knowledge in litigation, business and finance, real estate, intellectual property, and public finance. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, life sciences and technology companies, health systems, investors and developers, government agencies and sponsored enterprises, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations., MEWA, mezzanine loan transactions, military housing, Military Installation Finance, minimize litigation exposure, misleading securities filings, Mobile wireless, monopolization, Mortgage Banking, multidistrict litigation, Multifamily, Multiple employer welfare arrangements, municipal finance, Municipal Securities, natural energy, natural gas energy, Natural Resources/Mining/Oil and Gas, negotiation, net gain, net revenue, New Jersey, New Markets Tax Credit, New Markets Tax Credit, new york, NLRB, noindex, novel, OCC, OCR, Offices, oil and gas energy, Oil Pipeline Regulation, opt-out, OSHA, Other Voices, Outreach, overchargers, P3/Infrastructure, patent infringement, patent prosecution, patents, Patents, PCAOB, People, permitting, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical patent, Philadelphia, Phoenix, plaintiff litigation, plaintiff-side litigation, Planned Communities and Condominiums, pollution control, Pollution Control/Waste Management/Energy, power of attorney, Practice, Practice Areas, precedent setting, pre-dispute arbitration, Press Releases, price discrimination, price-fixing, Privacy and Data Security, Private Equity Fund, private equity funding, private foundation taxes, private inurement, privatization, Pro Bono, Pro Bono News, product liability, Product Liability Advisory Council, Product Liability and Mass Tort, product liability litigation, product liability practice, product positioning, product pricing, Professional Development, Professional Liability, professional liability insurance, Project Development, project finance, project management, promotional allowance provisions, provides services in litigation, business and finance, real estate, intellectual property, and public finance, proxy contests issues, Public, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, public corruption, Public Finance, public finance law, public finance law firm, Public-Private Partnership (P3), public private partnerships, public safety, Public Sector, Public Service Commission, Public Utility Commission, public-private ownership, purchase of distressed debt, qui tam, Qui Tam Defense, Real Estate, Real Estate and Construction Litigation, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Leasing, Real Estate Tax, recoupment, recoveries, recovery efforts, Recruiting, Reductions in force, Regulation and Emerging Technology, regulatory compliance, regulatory compliance, Regulatory Compliance and Permitting, regulatory investigations, regulatory law, regulatory law, reinsurance, REITs, REITs, REMIC issues, renewable energy, Renewable Energy and Sustainability, renewable energy resources, resolution, Resort and Hotel, RESPA, restructuring distressed condo projects, restructuring of distressed projects, restructurings, Results Across the Firm, Results and Leadership, Results and Recognition, return on investment, revenue enhancement, revenue generation, revolving debt, Robinson-Patman Act, robots, ROI, Salt Lake City, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Satellite, SEC, SEC, SEC filings, SEC investigations, SEC regulations, Section, secured and unsecured creditor representation, Securities, securities and corporate governance, securities and corporate governance claims, Securities and Exchange Act, Securities and Exchange Commission, securities class action, securities fraud, Securities Litigation, Seniors, Service, service mark, settlement, shareholder class actions, social media, solar alternative energy, solar energy panels, solar power energy, solar renewable energy, SOX, Speaking Engagements, special assessment, special servicer representation, special tax counsel, spectrum, SRO investigations, Staff, Stark, state and local tax exemptions, state and local taxes, State Appellate Court, state government, student loan program, student loans, Student Loans, Success Stories, succession planning, summary judgement, superfund, surety, Tax, tax compliance, tax credit bonds, tax credits, Tax Credits, tax exempt bond audits, tax-exempt governmental units, tax-exempt status, tax increment, tax litigation, tax planning, taxable and tax-exempt derivatives, tax-exempt derivatives, tax-free municipal bonds, TCPA, tech law, Tender offers issues, The Ballard Way, the deal top bankruptcy law firms, The Firm, third-party payor litigation, TILA, Title VII, toxic tort, Toxic Tort Litigation, trade association activities, trade dress, trade restraints, trade secrets, Trade Secrets, trademark trial and appeal board, trademarks, Trademarks and Copyrights, Traditional Labor, Transactional Finance, Transactions, Transactions and Due Diligence, Transportation, trial, Trial Court, tribal finance, troubled accounts, trusts, truth in lending, Truth in Lending, tying arrangements, ULP, underwriter's counsel nonprofit transactions, unfair competition, unfair labor practice, union avoidance, Unlawful Discharge, unrelated business taxable income, USPTO, utilities, Value-Based Pricing, venture capital, vertical and horizontal restraints, Voices, Voorhees, wage and hour, Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Washington, DC, Waste management, waste to energy, water law, Water Rights and Planning, what is solar energy, What we Do, Whistleblower Incentives, whistleblowing, white collar, white collar criminal, white collar defense, White Collar Defense/Investigations, white collar investigations, white collar litigation, Why Ballard Spahr, Wills, wind energy, wind solar energy, Wireless, Wireline, Workplace Practices Programs, Workplace Regulation, Zoning and Land Use
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