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Allergic Asthma and CIU Treatment - XOLAIR (Omalizumab)
Learn about XOLAIR (Omalizumab) as a treatment for Allergic Asthma patients uncontrolled on inhaled corticosteroids and chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU) patients who remain symptomatic despite H1 antihistamines. INDICATIONS & IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION INDICATIONS XOLAIR® (omalizumab) IS INDICATED FOR: Moderate to severe persistent asthma in patients 6 years of age and older who have a positive skin test or in vitro reactivity to a perennial aeroallergen and whose symptoms are inadequately controlled with inhaled corticosteroids. XOLAIR has been shown to decrease the incidence of asthma exacerbations in these patients. Chronic idiopathic urticaria in patients 12 years of age and older who remain symptomatic despite H1 antihistamine treatment. Limitations of Use: XOLAIR is not indicated for treatment of other allergic conditions or other forms of urticaria. XOLAIR is not indicated for the relief of acute bronchospasm or status asthmaticus. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION WARNING: Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis presenting as bronchospasm, hypotension, syncope, urticaria, and/or angioedema of the throat or tongue, has been reported to occur after administration of XOLAIR. Anaphylaxis has occurred as early as after the first dose of XOLAIR, but also has occurred beyond 1 year after beginning regularly administered treatment. Because of the risk of anaphylaxis, observe patients closely for an appropriate period of time after XOLAIR administration. Health care providers administering XOLAIR should be prepared to manage anaphylaxis that can be life-threatening. Inform patients of the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and instruct them to seek immediate medical care should symptoms occur. CONTRAINDICATIONS The use of XOLAIR is contraindicated in patients with a severe hypersensitivity reaction to XOLAIR or to any ingredient of XOLAIR. WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis has been reported to occur after administration of XOLAIR in asthma premarketing clinical trials and in postmarketing spontaneous reports. The frequency of anaphylaxis attributed to XOLAIR use was estimated to be 0.1% and at least 0.2% (based on an estimated exposure of about 57,300 patients from June 2003 through December 2006), respectively. A case-control study showed that among XOLAIR users, patients with a history of anaphylaxis to foods, medications, or other causes were at increased risk of anaphylaxis associated with XOLAIR, compared to those with no prior history of anaphylaxis. Observe patients closely for an appropriate period of time after administration of XOLAIR, taking into account the time to onset of anaphylaxis seen in premarketing clinical trials and postmarketing spontaneous reports. Anaphylaxis occurred with the first dose of XOLAIR in 2 patients and with the fourth dose in 1 patient; the time to onset of anaphylaxis was 90 minutes after administration in 2 patients and 2 hours after administration in 1 patient. Discontinue XOLAIR in patients who experience a severe hypersensitivity reaction. Malignancy Malignant neoplasms were observed in 20 of 4127 (0.5%) XOLAIR-treated patients compared with 5 of 2236 (0.2%) control patients in clinical studies of adults and adolescents (≥12 years of age) with asthma and other allergic disorders. The observed malignancies in XOLAIR-treated patients were a variety of types, with breast, non-melanoma skin, prostate, melanoma, and parotid occurring more than once, and five other types occurring once each. The majority of patients were observed for less than 1 year. The impact of longer exposure to XOLAIR or use in patients at higher risk for malignancy (eg, elderly, current smokers) is not known. A subsequent 5-year observational study of 5007 XOLAIR-treated and 2829 non-XOLAIR-treated adolescent and adult patients with moderate to severe persistent asthma and a positive skin test reaction or in vitro reactivity to a perennial aeroallergen found that the incidence rates of primary malignancies (per 1000 patient years) were similar in both groups (12.3 vs 13.0, respectively). Study limitations which include the observational study design, the bias introduced by allowing enrollment of patients previously exposed to XOLAIR (88%), enrollment of patients (56%) while a history of cancer or a premalignant condition were study exclusion criteria, and the high study discontinuation rate (44%) preclude definitively ruling out a malignancy risk with XOLAIR. Acute Asthma Symptoms XOLAIR has not been shown to alleviate asthma exacerbations acutely. Do not use XOLAIR to treat acute bronchospasm or status asthmaticus. Corticosteroid Reduction Do not discontinue systemic or inhaled corticosteroids abruptly upon initiation of XOLAIR therapy for asthma. Decrease corticosteroids gradually under the direct supervision of a physician. In CIU patients, the use of XOLAIR in combination with corticosteroids has not been evaluated. Eosinophilic Conditions In rare cases, patients with asthma on therapy with XOLAIR may present with serious systemic eosinophilia, sometimes presenting with clinical features of vasculitis consistent with Churg-Strauss syndrome. These events usually, but not always, have been associated with the reduction of oral corticosteroid therapy. Physicians should be alert to eosinophilia, vasculitic rash, worsening pulmonary symptoms, cardiac complications, and/or neuropathy presenting in their patients. A causal association between XOLAIR and these underlying conditions has not been established. Fever, Arthralgia, and Rash In postapproval use, some patients have experienced a constellation of signs and symptoms, including arthritis/arthralgia, rash, fever, and lymphadenopathy with an onset 1 to 5 days after the first or subsequent injections of XOLAIR. These signs and symptoms have recurred after additional doses in some patients. Physicians should stop XOLAIR if a patient develops this constellation of signs and symptoms. Parasitic (Helminth) Infection Monitor patients at high risk of geohelminth infection while on XOLAIR therapy. Insufficient data are available to determine the length of monitoring required for geohelminth infections after stopping XOLAIR treatment. Laboratory Tests Due to formation of XOLAIR:IgE complexes, serum total IgE levels increase following administration of XOLAIR and may remain elevated for up to 1 year following discontinuation of XOLAIR. Do not use serum total IgE levels obtained less than 1 year following discontinuation to reassess the dosing regimen for asthma patients, because these levels may not reflect steady state free IgE levels. ADVERSE REACTIONS Indication-Specific Adverse Reactions Asthma: In patients ≥12 years of age, the most commonly observed adverse reactions (≥1% more frequent in XOLAIR-treated patients) from 4 placebo-controlled asthma studies were: arthralgia (8%), pain (general) (7%), leg pain (4%), fatigue (3%), dizziness (3%), fracture (2%), arm pain (2%), pruritus (2%), dermatitis (2%), and earache (2%). In pediatric patients 6 to <12 years of age, the most commonly observed adverse reactions (≥3% more frequent in XOLAIR-treated pediatric patients) were: nasopharyngitis, headache, pyrexia, upper abdominal pain, pharyngitis streptococcal, otitis media, viral gastroenteritis, arthropod bite, and epistaxis. Injection Site Reactions In adults and adolescents, injection site reactions of any severity occurred at a rate of 45% in XOLAIR-treated patients compared with 43% in placebo-treated patients. The types of injection site reactions included: bruising, redness, warmth, burning, stinging, itching, hive formation, pain, indurations, mass, and inflammation. Severe injection site reactions occurred more frequently in XOLAIR treated patients compared with patients in the placebo group (12% vs 9%, respectively). Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria: In patients ≥12 years of age, the most commonly observed adverse reactions: (≥2% XOLAIR-treated patients and more frequent than in placebo) from 3 placebo-controlled CIU studies (Day 1 to Week 12) for XOLAIR 150 mg and 300 mg, respectively, were: headache (12%, 6%), nasopharyngitis (9%, 7%), arthralgia (3%, 3%), viral upper respiratory infection (2%, 1%), nausea (1%, 3%), sinusitis (1%, 5%), upper respiratory tract infection (1%, 3%), and cough (1%, 2%). Injection Site Reactions Injection site reactions of any severity occurred during the trials in more XOLAIR-treated patients (11 patients [2.7%] at 300 mg, 1 patient [0.6%] at 150 mg) compared with 2 placebo-treated patients (0.8%). The types of injection site reactions included: swelling, erythema, pain, bruising, itching, bleeding, and urticaria. None of the events resulted in study discontinuation or treatment interruption. Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Events from Clinical Studies in Patients with Asthma A 5-year observational study was conducted in 5007 XOLAIR-treated and 2829 non-XOLAIR-treated patients ≥12 years of age with moderate to severe persistent asthma and a positive skin test reaction to a perennial aeroallergen to evaluate the long term safety of XOLAIR, including the risk of malignancy. Similar percentages of patients in both cohorts were current (5%) or former smokers (29%). Patients had a mean age of 45 years and were followed for a mean of 3.7 years. More XOLAIR-treated patients were diagnosed with severe asthma (50%) compared to the non-XOLAIR-treated patients (23%). A higher incidence rate (per 1000 patient-years) of overall cardiovascular and cerebrovascular serious adverse events (SAEs) was observed in XOLAIR-treated patients (13.4) compared to non-XOLAIR-treated patients (8.1). Increases in rates were observed for transient ischemic attack (0.7 vs 0.1), myocardial infarction (2.1 vs 0.8), pulmonary hypertension (0.5 vs 0), pulmonary embolism/venous thrombosis (3.2 vs 1.5), and unstable angina (2.2 vs 1.4), while the rates observed for ischemic stroke and cardiovascular death were similar among both study cohorts. The results suggest a potential increased risk of serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events in patients treated with XOLAIR, however the observational study design, the inclusion of patients previously exposed to XOLAIR (88% for a mean of 8 months), baseline imbalances in cardiovascular risk factors between the treatment groups, an inability to adjust for unmeasured risk factors, and the high study discontinuation rate (44%) limit the ability to quantify the magnitude of the risk. Pregnancy The data with XOLAIR use in pregnant women are insufficient to inform on drug associated risk. You may report side effects to the FDA at (800) FDA-1088 or You may also report side effects to Genentech at (888) 835-2555 or Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation at 888-669-6682. Please see full Prescribing Information, including Boxed WARNING and Medication Guide, for additional Important Safety Information.
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Home | Guinness World Records
The Guinness World Records official site with ultimate record-breaking facts & achievements. Do you want to set a world record? Are you Officially Amazing?
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Xconomy | Business, Life Sciences, and Technology News
Business, Life Sciences, and Technology News
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William Hill™ - Bet £10 Get £30 in Free Bets!
Online betting and gambling at William Hill, the world's biggest bookmaker. Visit us now for sports betting, poker games, online casino, bingo and Vegas games.
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Al Hadheerah Desert Restaurant | Al Hadheerah
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HR Summit And Expo 2017 - HR Conference | HR Summit | HR Exhibition | Free HR HR Summit And Expo 2017 | Seminars | HR Seminars | Free HR Learning Sessions
Middle East’s largest gathering of HR professionals in Talent Management, Compensation and Benefits, Engagement, HR Analytics & Technology, Recruitment & Learning.
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G4S is the leading global integrated security company, specialising in the provision of security products, services and solutions.
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Graduate jobs: An audio-book publishing company has an exciting opportunity available for a Casting Assistant to join its team based in the Midlands, UK.
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William Hill Affiliates
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Toad World
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Savills trusted advisors to real estate clients around the globe | Home
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Mergermarket |
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Women's Boho Clothing & Bohemian Fashion
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Online Casino - Best USA Casino Games Online
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Blinkx | Discover & Share Great Videos
Blinkx provides a simple way to discover and share great videos. Watch funny, inspiring, newsworthy, and viral videos on Blinkx
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Light Reading
Light Reading is for communications industry professionals who are developing and commercializing services and networks using technologies, standards and devices such as 4G, smartphones, SDN, network virtualization, 100G optical, IP, Ethernet, Big Data, FTTH, DOCSIS and video platforms.
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Racers for A Day - Michelin (2014) - YouTube
25 ordinary guys beat thousands of hopefuls from 6 countries (Thailand, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia) at MICHELIN's the right 2 ...
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Home at Laura Ashley
Welcome to Laura Ashley where you can shop online for exclusive home furnishings and womenswear_en
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Heritage Auctions | World's Largest Collectibles Auctioneer
Browse and Find coins, comics, currency, art, luxury handbags, sports memorabilia, wine, historical items, books, real estate, and more at Heritage Auctions.
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Elsevier: Bonagura: Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy XV · Welcome
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Fine Italian Jewellery, Watches and Luxury Goods | Bulgari
Bulgari is famous for its glamorous gemstone jewellery, luxury watches, perfumes and leather goods. Discover our spectacular collections.
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Wells Vehicle Electronics
Wells Vehicle Electronics is a leading marketer/manufacturer of high quality and competitively priced automotive engine performance components for OE and automotive aftermarket.
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Schitt's Creek – Where Everyone Fits In
When outrageously wealthy video store magnate Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), his soap-star wife Moira (Catherine O'Hara) and their two twentysomething children—hipster gallerist David (Dan Levy) and...
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Dun & Bradstreet | Grow Relationships Through Data
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2014 World Cup Odds | Soccer Betting Odds & Lines
2014 World Cup Betting Odds and Statistics Including Live Lines, Scores, Schedule and Head to Head Soccer Matchup Betting Statistics.
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Best Weight Loss Plans & Diet Programs | Weight Watchers
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Play International Lotto Tickets | Lotto247
Play top international lotteries online and get the latest lottery results and lotto winning numbers, safe and secure service!
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Abnehmen mit dem Testsieger | Weight Watchers
Mit Weight Watchers abnehmen heißt, sich neu erfinden und ein erfrischendes Lebensgefühl erleben! Probiere es aus und starte jetzt.
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Mobile App Development Platform & MBaaS | Appcelerator
Appcelerator's mobile app development platform delivers great native apps, rich MBaaS, and real-time mobile analytics. Start free, grow from there.
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FREE Online Slot Machines!
Play 30+ FREE 3-reel and 5-reel slots: Prosperous Fortune, Treasures of Egypt, Flaming Crates, Magic Wheel, Fruit Smoothie, Party Bonus and more!
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Roche - Doing now what patients need next
As a pioneer in healthcare, we have been committed to improving lives since the company was founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland. Today, Roche creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients globally.
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EY-Home - EY - Deutschland
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Glass Animals | How To Be A Human Being | the new album out now
Featuring Pork Soda, Life Itself, and Youth.
    D&B D-U-N-S® Registered™ Global Directory
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    The College Board - College Admissions - SAT - University & College Search Tool
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    Бесплатная библиотека. Бесплатно читать книги онлайн, скачать книги бесплатно и без регистрации в форматах txt, zip, jar. Литература на любой вкус
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    The Container Store: Storage, Organization & Custom Closets
    Free shipping on all purchases over $75 & free in-store pickup on The Container Store's solutions in storage, organization, and custom closets.
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    Debenhams Plus UK - Laptops, TVs and Home Appliances
    Welcome to The Official Debenhams Plus UK Site. Shop For Laptops, Tablets, Kitchen Appliances, TVs, Air Conditioners and Much More at
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    Elsevier | An Information Analytics Company | Empowering Knowledge
    Elsevier is a global information analytics company that helps institutions and professionals progress science, advance healthcare and improve performance.
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    Exchange Rates - X-Rates
    Free foreign exchange rates and tools including a currency conversion calculator, historical rates and graphs, and a monthly exchange rate average.
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    Aer Lingus
    Book cheap flights online today with Aer Lingus. Fly to Ireland, to Britain, Europe and North America including Canada with us as well as find hotels and more.
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    Primark - Homepage
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    Tools for Installation, Certification and Troubleshooting of Network Cabling – Fluke Networks®
    Certification, troubleshooting, and installation tools for professionals who install and maintain critical network cable infrastructure. To learn more, call 1-800-283-5853
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    Welcome | Sony UK
      ZipAlerts | Job Alerts - Traffic Buyers
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      GOYARD | This Website Has Been Shut Down For Selling Counterfeit Products
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      The premier news site covering the global gambling industry. 24/7 news, opinions and analysis.
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      Accu-Chek Diabetes Care Products Home
      Find out about how Accu-Chek products are designed to help you manage diabetes. Explore innovative blood glucose monitors, insulin pumps and integrated diabetes care systems.
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      Barter My Funds
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      The Payment Possibilities Company™ | Cayan
      Cayan is the payments technology innovator. Our flagship product is Genius, future proofing unified commerce transactions.
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      Pilkington - First in Glass
      Making glass for the world's buildings and vehicles
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      Gezond en succesvol afslanken | Weight Watchers België
      Welcome to Weight Watchers! Our new Beyond the Scale program delivers our most personal and holistic approach inspiring a healthier lifestyle.
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      Beko is a global domestic appliance and consumer electronics brand, provides a wide product range to make the best use of space in your home
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      Hormel | Home
      HORMEL® has a variety of crowd-pleasing solutions for parties or meals for you & your family. Easy, on-the-go snacks or sit-down meals & recipes.
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      Engineering Technical Reference Information - Knovel
      Knovel integrates validated content, optimized search, and data analysis tools ??? enabling engineers to solve problems quickly
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